Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink Floyd (Introduction)

(l-r: Mason, Gilmour, Waters, Barrett, Wright)
Syd Barrett--guitars, vocals (1965-68)
Roger Waters--bass, vocals (1965-83)
David Gilmour--guitars, vocals (1968-94)
Richard Wright--keyboards, vocals (1965-81, 1987-94)
Nick Mason--drums and percussion (1965-94)
NOTE: although the band never officially broke up, they have been on hiatus since 1994 with the exception of the one-off Live 8 reunion with Waters, and Wright's 2008 death makes any future reunion unlikely. Also, note that Waters, Gilmour, and Wright frequently played instruments in the studio other than their main one (it's well known that Gilmour played many of the bass parts, but he also occasionally played keyboards and drums, Waters supplied acoustic and rhythm guitar and some synth work, and Wright played trombone on "Biding My Time." Mason rarely, if ever, left the kit, but is responsible for recording many of the sound effects that are ubiquitous to the band's 70s albums).

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Formed in the mid 1960s by Waters, Mason, Wright and guitarist Bob Klose (all London architecture students), the band, which went by various names in their early days, eventually picked up guitarist/vocalist Syd Barrett (a friend of Waters) and began to tour the London circuit under a variety of names, including the Screaming Abadabs, Sigma 6, and The Tea Set. The name Pink Floyd comes from Syd combining the name of two obscure American bluesmen, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, when another band performing at a venue the same day shared the name The Tea Set. One of the leading bands in the London Underground. Oh, and they're my favorite band. Just thought I'd get that out of the way.

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