Thursday, February 16, 2012


(not the best picture, I know, but needed to be shared. Besides, it's the first google image result for "Yes classic lineup." back row, l-r: Squire, Howe, Wakeman; front row: Anderson and White, who is clearly moonlighting as either a porn star or a pedophile. Or both)

Note: due to the rather high turnover in the band's lineup, I'm listing which albums the members play on instead of years they were employed. The only live albums I am including are Yessongs, Yesshows, and the Keys to Ascension albums,  any others I review will mention the lineup in the actual review . And, yes, this is pretty fucking ridiculous, especially when it comes to keyboards. There will be a quiz following the lesson.
(yes, I know ABWH isn't technically a Yes album)
Jon Anderson--Lead Vocals; occasional acoustic guitar and keyboards (all except Drama and Fly From Here)
Chris Squire--Bass, backing vocals; occasional keyboards and lead vocals (all except Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe)
Steve Howe--guitar, backing vocals (The Yes Album-Drama, ABWH, Union, Keys to Ascension-present)
Bill Bruford--drums (Yes-Close to the Edge, parts of Yessongs, ABWH, Union)
Tony Kaye--keyboards (Yes, Time and a Word, The Yes Album, 90125, Big Generator, Union, Talk)
Peter Banks--guitar, backing vocals (Yes, Time and a Word)
Rick Wakeman--keyboards (Fragile, Close to the Edge, Yessongs, Tales from Topographic Oceans, Going for the One, Tormato, parts of Yesshows, ABWH, Union, Keys to Ascension 1 and 2, 2004 tour)
Alan White--drums, backing vocals (parts of Yessongs, Tales from Topographic Oceans-present except ABWH)
Patrick Moraz--keyboards (Relayer, parts of Yesshows)
Trevor Horn--lead vocals (Drama), production (90125, parts of Big Generator, Fly From Here)
Geoff Downes--keyboards (Drama, Fly From Here)
Trevor Rabin--guitar, backing vocals; occasional bass, keyboards, and lead vocals (90125, Big Generator, Union, Talk)
Billy Sherwood--keyboards, backing vocals (Open Your Eyes), 2nd guitar, backing vocals (Talk tour, The Ladder)
Igor Khoroshev--keyboards (parts of Open Your Eyes, The Ladder)
Tom Brislin--keyboards (Magnification tour)
Benoit David--Lead vocals (Fly From Here)
Oliver Wakeman--keyboards (2008 tour-pre-Fly From Here 2011 tour, parts of Fly From Here)
Jon Davison--Lead vocals now, apparently. God, I love this band--the drama can be annoying as fuck, but it's never boring.

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