Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Kinks--Introduction

(l-r: Quaife, Dave, Ray, Avory)

Ray Davies--Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar (1964-1996)
Dave Davies--Lead guitar, lead and backing  vocals (1964-1996)
Mick Avory--Drums and percussion (1964-1984)
Pete Quaife--bass guitar, backing vocals (1964-1969)
John Dalton--bass, backing vocals (1966, 1969-1976, 1978)
John Gosling--keyboards (1970-1978)
Andy Pyle--bass, backing vocals (1976-1978)
Gordon John Edwards--keyboards, backing vocals (1978)
Jim Rodford--bass, backing vocals (1978-1996)
Ian Gibbons--keyboards, backing vocals (1979-1989, 1993-1996)
Bob Henrit--drums and percussion (1984-1996)
Mark Haley--keyboards, backing vocals (1989-1993)
NOTE: John Dalton filled in for Pete Quaife for a few months in 1966 when Quaife was recovering from a car accident, playing on a few singles and at least on song on Face to Face ("Little Miss Queen of Darkness")

BACKGROUND INFO: Formed in 1962 as The Ravens, changed to The Kinks sometime before 1964. Had a huge hit with "You Really Got Me" in 1964, which basically invented hard rock. The band released three albums before the start of these reviews, however, these are basically a collection of a few singles and a bunch of relative filler, dating from before albums became truly important as artistic works, and I feel there is little I can critically say about them. Any serious fan needs all the major singles from the era, though. Also, although Quaife and Avory were somewhat involved in the creative process in the early days of the band, everybody besides the Davies brothers are basically session men on the later albums, so the reviews will put much less importance on the revolving door rhythm section  than I would in, say, Yes reviews. Suffice it to say that Ray Davies dictates what sound the band will take on any given album, no matter who's playing keyboards

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